How Can We Bless the World If We're Beholden to It?

Who invented the hospital? Who invented the printing press? Who invented Harvard, Yale and Princeton? Christians did. Not conservatives. Not liberals. But blood-bought, Spirit-enabled, faith-filled Christians with skill and spine. Why, then, is the church today so beholden to the pagans of Big Tech, Big Corporate and Wall Street? KingdomCome is the leading, invite-only professional social networking website for skilled Christians on mission. Think LinkedIn, but unashamedly built for the body of Christ to build the kingdom of God in every industry, everywhere. Are you a professional in tech, business and creative?   Join KingdomCome. Become a Founding Member today (for a limited time only), connect with like-minded professionals, and let's get to work.

Build a Resilient Vocation | Be one email, one text message, one introduction away from help via a global network of likeminded believers who want you to do your best work ever

Let's utilize the total body of Christ and do the work together. Instead of being stuck, isolated and vulnerable, let's build a resilient and organic network of skilled Christians who bless each other so we can strategically bless the world.

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"A Multitude of Counselors" | Gain everyday access to crowd-sourced business advice, product feedback, startup ideas, side projects, freelance and full-time roles – and a growing ecosystem of likeminded collaborators, partners and customers

We are a network of a multitude of networks committed to one another. You are thus not only connected with one another, by extension you are now connected with every member's unique network. We use technology to mobilize the body of Christ.

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Productive Member & Company List | Allow every member to get to know you and your business as a Christian first – share not only a career milestone or company product, but an encouraging testimony, too

Represent yourself as an unashamed, un-cancelable Christian first – connect with believers based on church membership, denomination, a unique testimony, kingdom vision, skills, interests and milestones

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Members get unlimited access to our virtual learning sessions, which includes all types of practical learning opportunities from proven leaders and faithful practitioners. Do you have a biblical philosophy of work? Does eschatology matter? When do we stand up or stay quiet at work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe the modern American church is under a spell. And the spirit of secularism is behind it. We've been told to leave Christ at home while in the workplace, as if all authority under heaven and earth was not given to our ascended King. What has resulted is a generation of well-meaning Christian knowledge workers like ourselves who have spent most of our careers unwittingly building out massive pagan platforms that are capable of reaching the nations in the name of the god of secularism across the most consequential industries of our day – Tech, Big Corporate, and Wall Street. KingdomCome exists to repent of our compromise (knowingly or not) and demolish this idol by connecting the body of Christ in the arena of work and starting a new Christian economy of work today. We can't conquer the giants in the land without faith and without each other. Our heart therefore is to link arms with Davids and Joshuas and Calebs in the battle ground of our work: to reclaim our generational inheritance (Deut. 7:9), to push back the curse (Gen 1:26-28), and to disciple the nations (Matt. 28:18-20) – to ultimately fill the earth with His glory (Hab. 2:14). We believe this requires the body of Christ to wake up to an unashamed and glorious Christian vision of the kingdom of heaven coming down to earth, to our economy, to our work. By becoming vessels of God's sovereign work through our commitment to reforming our work, our generation will play its part in conquering the nations for Christ, and blessing our children, and our children's children, unto a thousand generations until our good King returns.

Our prior work was in Silicon Valley and startups, which typically applauds a "growth at all costs" mentality. We have experienced both the blessing and the (many) curses laden in this philosophy. We believe a community is nothing without a careful hands-on shaping of the kinds of people that join it. As Christians, our goal is to do all that we can to make sure every new brother joining the network has something unique to contribute, and vice versa. Paul, in fact, tells us that every part of the body serves an essential and harmonious role in the ministry of Christ, so why wouldn't the same principle apply to the domain of our vocation? Our professional skills and experiences are unique, and when integrated together, can be used to change the world. We thus seek to unite this diversity of vocational skills to build the kingdom of God. For every skilled Christian visionary we want a skilled Christian operator. For every skilled Christian product manager, we want a skilled Christian go to market expert. For every skilled Christian business owner, we want a skilled Christian lawyer. For every skilled Christian financier, we want a skilled Christian artist. Now imagine facilitating this over and over again for an extended period of time among those who have faith that can move mountains. Networking the body of Christ today will undoubtedly have ripple effects on countless generations and family lines tomorrow. So, while there's certainly a place for having numerous Christian engineers in a room together, the "much bigger opportunity" is to get these engineers in front of Christian doctors and Christian farmers and Christian small business owners and solving problems in healthcare, agriculture and business. Our ambition is to put all types of skilled members across every industry in the global body of Christ in the room together, and see what glorious things the Spirit of God does from there. And we've concluded that the best way to do this is to start with one faithful invite, one faithful phone interview, one faithful launch of a small but diverse ecosystem of Christian professionals at a time, and that requires a private network that grows methodically and prayerfully over time.

The initial beta is going to include: 1 / An online community forum proactively managed, cultivated and stewarded by our team. 2 / A separate and simple web app experience that provides each member with a profile and private member directory. This includes a social graph of their skills and interests, as well as what city they live in and what church and denomination they're affiliated with, which ultimately goes toward building out the social graph of faithful Christian professionals everywhere. 3 / Exclusive invites to virtual learning events, such as AMAs, fellowship, product feedback sessions, and applied theology and Christian worldview. 4 / A small but growing library of valuable "on-demand" content and resources for 24/7 Christians relevant to their unique work and mission. 5 / Other community facilitators besides us who are committed to proactively blessing the body with key introductions, biblical wisdom and general business-building advice. We have so many more ideas in the pipeline, but we believe this list represents the core offering of KingdomCome beta. If you have thoughts, please don't hesitate to share those ideas at chris at We commit to reading every word.

It's private. It's Christian. But it's particularly focused on connecting a faith-filled Christian who knows that this is his "for such a time as this" moment to proactively connect and bless other believers for the express purpose of building the kingdom for generations to come in the battle ground of work.

First, paying members tell us whether or not our assessment of the market and the product we seek to build is rooted in reality. It tells us that people are willing to put money where their mouth is. It means there's a viable business opportunity because we actually have customers to serve and enable. Second, customers enable us to allocate more time, more energy – more work, simply put – into building this network out without hindrance. We're actively working on a few startups – all bootstrapped at the moment – in addition to our advisory and consulting business. But our dream is to have the privilege to steward Kingdomcome full-time and see this assignment all the way through. That's another reason why customers, not just users, matter. Third, customers tell us who we're actually serving rather than who we had envisioned serving in our head. Although we have a hypothesis, who we build this network for will inevitably be shaped by those who are willing to financially commit to its success. We're prioritizing signal over noise and doing all that we faithfully can to quickly reach product / market fit. There are other reasons, we're sure, but these are the ones that pop out the most.

We love this question. And we're so grateful you're willing to ask it. Aside from becoming a customer :P, we're looking to tap the Kingdomcome network for: 1 / skilled developers who share our vision – especially those who are excited about scale yet are not afraid to do the unscalable initially and potentially "throwing away" code once we reach product/market fit. 2 / early seed investors – while we're currently bootstrapping KingdomCome, we also don't know what the near future entails. And coming from the VC-backed startup world ourselves, we are firm believers that Christian investors on mission for God have a unique opportunity to make a disproportionate impact accelerating glorious ideas and culture-shaping products and businesses. 3 / just faithfully driving word of mouth to those who need to know about KingdomCome. 4 / prayer and encouragement. Unless God builds the house, everything we try to build is vanity. Pray against all the temptations that come with entrepreneurship. You don't know how much the "prayer of a righteous man" means to us. 5 / For those who have profitable ventures across any industry, we'd love to see if there's a mutual fit in becoming a community moderator. 6 / To fund our efforts, we also have a side advisory and consultant business. We combine i) the skills and experiences God has provided us across tech, Wall Street, and roll-up-your-sleeves business-building with ii) skilled Christians (ideally) and the great products and services that they've built to achieve a 10x outcome for everyone involved, most notably for their customers. If you have any questions on any one of these requests above, don't hesitate to email us at chris at

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